Memoir extract: ‘Human Angel’.

InĀ  more recent years I have experienced various premonitions, including those pertaining to the end of the world. Each time the premonition or forewarning was very much a body-based experience, an inner depth of knowing which came on unbidden and very suddenly. It is challenging enough contemplating one’s own mortality and physical demise but to experience a ‘knowing’ in the body concerning the potential annihilation of human civilization, believe me, is a frightening, bewildering and isolating experience. You just want to push it away and forget. It is beyond most people’s field of reference. Most people believe that our minds are confined to the present and to the brain and the body. I now believe we are connected to each other in more ways than we realise. A premonition is like a glimpse into how the future is likely to unfold. This doesn’t mean we can’t act to change it; a premonition is a glimpse of a probable not a fixed future.